The Worry Worm

A delightful story book about two worms who were born inside an apple that teaches the concept of faith to children between the ages of 3 to 9.

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A Word to Parents and Teachers

A centuries-old Midrashic expression says, "If there are no lambs, there are no rams; if there are no rams, there's no flock; if there's no flock, there's no shepherd; if there's no shepherd, there's no world!" (Breshit Raba, 42:3).

In congruence with the above allegory, the future of humanity on this earth depends on our teaching faith in G-d to our tender "lambs". This book enables a child of even preschool age to grasp the concepts of faith and a world-to-come in terms that he or she can truly relate to. No age is too young for a child to begin learning faith.

"The Worry Worm" is a non-denominational book, designed for any parent or teacher who wants to teach faith to children between the ages of 3 and 9 in a delightful, readily comprehensible manner. With every blessing,

Rabbi Lazer Brody

Ashdod, Israel

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