The Path to Your Peak

A life-changing guide to fulfilling your personal potential and to discovering your untapped strengths and abilities

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The Path to Your Peak

By Lazer Brody

Life is like climbing a mountain. We stand at the bottom and dream of being on the top. We imagine how exhilarating the view is from the peak. We can see the whole world, as if all of creation is at our fingertips. The air up there is the freshest and most invigorating on earth. Our hearts soar like an eagle.

We all dream of reaching our own peak. There's just one slight nagging detail. How do we get there?

The answer is surprisingly simple and straightforward. You'll find it in the pages of this book.

We all have the potential of reaching the top. People fail to reach their own special peak because of two main reasons: first, they don't properly utilize and take advantage of their personal potential. Second, they don't have a plan. To do anything successfully, whether it's becoming a champion athlete, a successful businessperson, an honor student, an efficient homemaker or anything else you desire to do, you need a plan. With that in mind, this book will provide you with a tailor-made, practical plan for success that you can readily implement.

If you didn't yet have a plan to achieve your own special goal, with this enjoyable pocket-size book that you can carry in your purse or pocket, you now have one that is uncomplicated and straightforward with no fads and thrills. The information in this book is essentially centuries old, based on the ideas of some of the world's greatest minds, but presented in a simple and comprehensible format, which you'll surely find reader-friendly.

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